Walking in Warsaw with Arcadius Mauriz

I like to spend time in Warsaw. This is totally different kind of “like” comparing to my feelings to Minsk, where I spent 7 years learning how to be independent and adult, exploring soviet and post-soviet architecture and modern culture.

Warsaw is similar to Minsk and different at the same time. I would say… The city is more gloomy but people are looking more happy there.

With Warsaw I am now at my 2nd youth (at this words all of my friends who are 10 years or more older than me, will sceptically smile). I am “warsaw girl” for 15 month already, but all that I know about this city are just some nice hipster cafes, some photo studios, a few parks where I can skate, some shopping malls, Jelonki. One nice second-hand store. And 2 gyms – both not perfect.

But I know that one day I will make my dream come true and will take the bus to drive randomly through both sides of Wisla. Will make an account in the library and will strart visiting open lectures, I don’t know yet on which topics😁 I will find out where in Warsaw they sell not boring clothes in not scary prices.

We have a lot of time with Warsaw to get to know each other.

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