5 See through outfit ideas for romantic/sexy/classic photoshoots

Today I want to share with you some of my pictures from different countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Singapore and Belgium), done by different photographers and for different art purposes. But all of them show my love to outfits with transparent/see through elements 😀

The post is done in collab with Femme Lux who frovided the outfits.

1. Ph Georgy Chernyadyev

Otfit – sheer polka-dot top/dress.

2. Ph Eramahatra and one of my favorite sexy bodysuits
I have them in two colors, you probably seen a lime-yellow one on my insta

Also picture of white bodysuit on the intro – by Kaisern Chen

5. And the last item in my see-through collection for today – black crop top with my fav polka dot pattern 🙂

Ph Bent Photo

More at Femme Luxe:

Corset Dresses

Hope you enjoyed this selection 🙂

For more check my insta


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