Two ambivalent voices in my head and the session with Michał Buddabar.

– Make a blog! The blog is a source of good money!

– Every loafer nowadays is a blogger, trendsetter, and influencer, do you really want to hide your lack of real occupation behind the blog?

– A blog is a platform for your creativity and talent!

– A blog is a place for unlimited dilettantism, unchecked data, personal opinions given as the only true and we need to protect our children from getting knowledge from bloggers instead of teachers.

– Tell people about your travels – it is the unique experience that many people would like to know about!

– Every silly (or not silly) girl who exchanges her beauty for money in this or that way is a “travel blogger” and you will always remain in quotes.

– Show people your photoshoots – you are making a lot of good stuff!

– Don’t show people your photoshoots for free, make a patreon account, if they like you, they should pay!

So – that is what is going on in my head almost every day if somebody is asking me when I will post something new:) I started a fanpage in social networks twice before getting into Instagram, I started a homepage also twice, I was even studying in 2 extra schools at the same time, because I couldn’t choose – to play the guitar as a rock star or to draw sketches as a …sketch star. Maybe ambivalence is not a good word – I just hate to make choices.

But sometimes I have moments of “superclear mind” – like if you had a blocked nose and suddenly realize that it is possible to breathe through it again. And in such moments 2 different voices become one – oh, I enjoy it so much:) So that one voice said that I can make an egoistic blog where I will be telling mostly about my feelings, introspections, and memories, and who cares why – but you gonna like it;)


All photos by Michał Buddabar, end of 2015. A little bit of winter Warsaw views and pictures from my first photo workshop.

If you know those street locations, make a selfie or ask sbd to make a photo of you (dressed:)) at the same place till the end of 2017 and I will send you a postcard:)


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