The girl who lives in a few different centuries…

Could you guess how I spent last week in Munich? What I was constantly thinking about, what reading and what studying? I am not sure if any of you guessed something close to what it really was – the history of Russian cities at the beginning of XX century. Architecture. Esthetics of things that were used in everyday life. Advertisements and shops. The lifestyle of people from different social groups. And classic literature from that times. Actually, I was supposed to prepare materials about Warsaw, so I am not sure what happened that I switched from Warsaw to Sankt Petersburg, Moskow and Paris (as centre of immigrants life), probably I have some problems with being concentrated:D

Anyway, I am not going to retell you my books – simply because I am not that experienced in writing in English for making the intellectual, history orientated blog. But while reading all those articles and books, I also thought that it would be nice to show you small (hehe) selection of photos I did in kind of retro-vintage mood – many of favorite ones. This is what I am experienced in enough:)

I like a lot all of my retro shootings. I don’t really remember after which session I realized that this role is something that I feel natural in, but now a big part of my wardrobe is actually made of clothes that are older than me.

One of the first shootings that I remember as “vintage’ is the one we did with Anna Prochorova in 2015:




Ph – Anna Prochorova, Mua – Elena Chernova. Minsk 2015

Lukas Wawrzinek also knows that I am not from this century:)


Ph Lukas Wawrzinek, mua Marta Socha, Michałowice 2015


Ph Lukas Wawrzinek, Michałowice 2015

unnamed (2)

Ph Lukas Wawrzinek, 2017

Next 2 pictures are taken by Radosław Pujan and the style was done my his wonderful wife. I am so proud of being inside of those frames:D actually one of those photos was even drawn by somebody on internet. We inspire people:)



ph Radosław Pujan, Brussels 2015

In Brussels I have one more beloved photographer Norbert Sokołowski (one day I will show you some sets of photos that we did, all very vintage:) and now just one picture, year 2015 – me in the lingerie of my mom and in the long socks (of myself) that I’ve lost in 2016 also in Brussels.


Ph Norbert Sokołowski, Brussels 2015

And to prove that I don’t need any grandma outfit to be a girl from different epoque:)

KACIARYNA (5) 2 3 webKACIARYNA (10) web Kopie

Ph Gregor Laubsch, 2015


Ph Christoph Boecken, Potsdam 2017

Coming back to more dressed pictures. The famous “swan shooting” with Georgy Chernyadyev. The bird is waiting somewhere nearby to bite my foot.

Georgy Chernyadyev, Potsdam 2017

Actually, when I opened my archives on the laptop I realized that even if I pick only favorites, this post is going to be too long and it will take me a few weeks to finish it.  So with this last picture by Albert Finch  I wish you all the best and to be continued…


Albert Finch, Michalowice 2016, mua Marta Socha


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