The shining

It happens. It is nothing special actually. It happened to everybody and you are not the first one…

First, you make something nice – edit photos for instagram or videos for youtube, write a post for a blog or some big important email… You click something you think is “save” or “publish” and you are proud of yourself for a few next hours. And then you check your page and you don’t see it. And you check your drafts and you don’t see it. And after a few seconds of anger, you accept it – your nice post about holiday mood and all this happy bla-bla is gone. And you have to write it one more time. But now your mood is not that holiday mood anymore:D

So, I will just grab another cup of tea, hide inside of my Blanketland, which is located next to the Pillow Tower and will leave you with 2 shiny photosets from the late spring 2017.

Idea and shooting 1- Przemysław Matląg. Shooting 2 – Andrew Tarnawczyk. And glitter part – Monika Stradomska – the superhero of makeup and special effects. Location – Plener w Michałowicach. One day I will make a big nostalgic post about it and about other Polish photo gatherings where I was posing.





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