Results of the year and #bestnine

It is probably a bit too late with results for the year, but let’s try:)

This year I visited:

Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Barcelona, Athens, Paris (twice), Copenhagen  (twice), Oslo, Brussels and Amsterdam (many times), Luxemburg, Wien, many cities in Germany, Zurich (3 times), Bern, Geneve, Saint Tropez, Nice, Rome, Lissabon, Gran Canaria.

Suitcases changed: 4

Lost items: a package of good tea, 2 jewelry necklaces, 1 pair of gloves and favorite panties from bikini set.

Photoshoots: about 300

Publications: 2 times on cover and over 20 in magazines in general

Headphones damaged by a dog: 1 pair

Diseases: 1 serious allergy (during my Birthday lol)

Haters: 2

Plush toys: 3

New social media: 2 – telegram and this blog;)

New followers on insta: over 45 thousand

And also lots of talented people with whom I was happy to work:) I think, this was quite a nice year.

And to illustrate it, let me show you the selection of instagram best nine.

  1. Radosław Pujan


2. Lukas Wawrzinek

unnamed (1)

3. Mike Darzi


4. Paweł Brzeziński


5.Offir Assayad received_10211285613471164

6. Maxwell Green


7. kate-ri-30.jpg

8. and 9.  Florian Weiler

[ k. a. e. ]º24[ k. a. e. ]º31

Best wishes in 2018! 🙂


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