Something about Brussels

I had been to Brussels 6 or 7 times (1 without overnight). The first one – February 2016 – it was my first real modeling travel when I earn some real money. Later for part of that money I bought the smartphone and then opened an Instagram account – I even checked the date – 5th of April 2016. Everything in our lifes is connected:)

Somehow Brussels for me is the city of dates. There is no other city in Europe where I spend that much time walking the streets or drinking tea somewhere not alone 🙂 Sometimes Brussels can offer you an ice cream at the rooftop with the beautiful sunset view, sometimes you get a footmassage in front of the Central station. Sometimes you can talk about life and women till 3 in the morning and wake up for the shooting just a few hours later.

Few more interesting personal facts about Brussels:

* It is a city of small pleasures and big costs:D When I am in Brussels candies and macarons are jumping on me from each corner, shouting „eat me, eat me!”

*I have picture topless in front of the Atomium, made in summer noon

*Once I paid 20 euro for a plate of soup at Louise. (not because of crazy prices, it was the wrong bill and I was too confused to discuss it)

*Brussels is the city where I belongings most often (in 2 years: phone charger, skin foundation, bag with 3 or 4 pairs of stockings, gloves from my mom’s wedding, hair brush, peace of jewelry, and it is not the full list)

*Brussels airport is the only one where I was twice (!) almost too late for the plane and twice by some miracle I got at the check-in in the last 5 minutes before the departure.

*And of course in Brussels was the only time I forgot about check in for the flight and paid 35euro at the airport😒

*Once I was at the shooting at such a luxurous house in the city center, that I am still in shock how people can live in such a beautiful interiors. And memories of that hourse motivate me to raise my rates from time to time;)

*After Poland, Belgium is another country where people shoot a lot on analogue and they are all very talented in it.

*And the last fact for today – once I posed nude in quite unusual and humid location, full of flowers, with talented Ludwig Desmet. Most of those photos haven’t been shown yet on any of my pages, so – enjoy;)














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  1. marekulpa

    Interesujące wspomnienia i wrażenia z Brukseli z pięknymi zdjęciami – sprawiłaś swoim wielbicielom wielką radość z udostępnienia tej strony, bardzo Ci dziękuję ♡♡

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