Few words about what is going on in my life and the shooting with Christoph Boecken

Hey guys!

I am back home from the first travel of 2018- Stockholm-Brussels-Lublana-Venice-Milan.  It was a quite intensive trip actually. Very soon there will be 2 more posts about my adventures (one about Slovenia and one about Italy) but if you don’t like to wait you can read my Russian version of blog on Telegram (the link is below) 😀

The honest fact about myself: on those first 2-3 days when I just came back home to Warsaw I am a terribly boring person. All I want in those moments is just to stay home, to not see anybody, to read my books and to forget for a couple of days that my job is basically the social media stuff. But as a good polite girl, I go to all the meetings that were promised, all the dates, all cups of tea, all quick sessions and other nice things for which I temporary have no power. Hopefully, I will make a short reading break after I finish this post so it will not be too big, sorry guys:)

And cause I don’t want to complain too much, instead I will show you some statistics of January travel:

Cities: 8,

Flights – 4, buses – 0 (quite unusual), trains – hard to count, many.

Complete traveling days – 14,

Places where I was staying overnights – 7,

Shootings done – 22, canceled  – 1

Food of the month- ćevapčići (because of the name, it is hilarious),

Fail of the month – 35euro for the late check in at the airport.

Is there any other categories you want me to add to my travel statistics posts? Let me know 😉

And as a cherry on the cake I gonna show you the set of pictures in kind of winter mood, as I feel it – it was done near Berlin in February 2016 – in the cold as hell abandoned location. Most of the models hate low temperatures and I am not an exception. But Christoph Boecken is a great talented artist and I never regret those 2 hours of cold. So – enjoy pictures and don’t forget to check my page tomorrow for a new post;)



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