Me and books

I don’t remember when exactly I learned to read. Probably 1 or 2 years before school. I just remember that that book when I realized that I am reading was “The three little pigs”:) Since that moment I was reading literally everything and till the age of 12 years, I was already nerdy enough to have -6 myopia on each eye and perfect sense of language (Russian). It helped me to win language contests for children, make friends with older boys (yes, definitely they were interested in my opinion about poetry of 20th century), to work as a copywriter during all my student years and – as a result – get a job in the National Library 🙂 Fortunately, not as a librarian, but a tour guide.

Later on, that tour guide grew up, became smarter and learned two more languages – English and Polish – both not on such a good level as Russian, but already enough to make people laugh at her jokes. She became a traveling model and now she is not reading that many books as 10 years ago, but she still looks good posing with books 😀

This picture was taken by Aleš Bravničar – the great photographer and very nice hospitable person – during my short stay in Slovenia. It is just a small teaser – all series by  Aleš will be shown in April and I can’t wait for that!

Thanks to Aleš now I know a little bit about Slovenia and Lublana – for example how to cook Ćevapčići, what is Čmrlj and where are the most beautiful spiral staircase (spoiler – in Lublana).


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