Italian adventures. New type of post.

This post will be an experimantal one – no artistic photos, only some of my photo impressions from cellphone:)

It is the last part of my January trip, as you were asking me to keep telling my stories:) January 17th was my “day of Venice”. I decided to go there because of 2 reasons: 1. Trying to be a good guest and not use the hospitality of photographers for too long – so if the shootings are done, it is probably a good time to leave:D 2. Being a travel freek – that feature that made me hitchhike, walk, drive, bike to new places since I am 17. So the smart girl inside me said – lets go to Milan, you have very busy schedule next days, and my little inner weirdo said – fuck that, it is just 250km to Venice!

So, 18:30 of Jan 16th, me and my 17kilo suitcase (all of you are familiar with that friend of mine) are in the car on the way to Trieste. Thanks to help of my 2 great italian photographers I managed to catch the right train from Trieste to Venice and after one change of trains at a strange hidden platform “2m” or 2-some other letter, at 22:50 I was there – the Venice city:D One little detail – I took a hostel which was open only till 23:00. So you can imagine the night jogging through streets and bridges of Venice, I don’t need to describe that 😀 Venice is not a place where public transport makes your life somehow easier, not at all. But hostel is not important if all you want is just to wake up in Venice and die, in figurative sence.

So here it is – the next day. I am walking around, breathing in the beauty of the streets, making photos as a typical tourist on typical vacations and making calls to all my friends to tell them how I travelled to Venice, because of 2 reasons: one – is not to use the hospitality.. Blablabla. Venice is very beautiful. That is probably nothing new for you guys. But if you have a heavy suitcase and no freight drone to carry it above all the bridges… It will be for you the workout city;) And probably you will also give up soon with walking around without a map – if you don’t like to stop all the time at the dead ends.

Some new experience in a restaurant – plastic bag for taking the rest of pizza away – 2,5 euro. I think it is somehow very-very wrong. If you are venecian and you read this – dont be like that!

Speaking about more positive experience – Doge’s Palace! As always I did no research in advance, so that was kind of surprise I wasn’t ready for. Beautiful building, water, and funny seaguls, walking around just like humans…

Long story short – after 6 hours of walking in cold and after 50euros left in souvenir shops, i left Venice and moved to Milan. What do I remember about that city? Well… Nice cupcake place near my appartment. 10-12 working hours a day. No free time. And the Duomo on the last evening. All locals were surprised so much when I was telling them that I haven’t seen the Cathedral yet, so I had to make that effort and it was a good decision:)

So that is the story of my January adventures. Tomorrow I go for the next one – it is going to be the photo-meeting in Polish mountains, so new stories and new photos are coming soon;)

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