The checklist for those who want to make me happy on 14th Feb, 15th Feb, 16th Feb and any other nice day

In general, I am against consumerism. I can easily live with 1 scarf for 3 years and don’t change my jeans until it will be all in holes and dirt. You can recognize my teacup almost on every picture I post in insta stories – it is always the same. But there are a few things that make it almost impossible for me not to dream about when the cruel gods of marketing are using their powers…

So, this post is not a useful “7 ideas what to buy for a girl cause of some holiday occasion”, it is an egoistic list of what you can buy for ME in case you think I deserve a gift:D It is about stuff that makes me crazy. My addictions. My kinda porn. My preciouses. Things that I collect, idolize and hug when nobody sees me. If you want to get my heart on a silver plate and you have bunch of money – just use this post as a to-do list:D

  1. Backpacks!!! Childish backpacks, hippie backpacks, elegant ones – in my home there is always a place for a few more backpacks.


By Yean McLine, 2016

2. Lingerie. I am a very weird lingerie frick. I don’t wear bras in everyday life, but I can put it on for a couple of happy hours when I am at home alone (or not alone, lol) to catch my reflection in every mirror and enjoy the view. There are a few types of lingerie I am excited about. a) Funny panties for teen-girls – cause it is comfy and it raises my mood. All that cute animals, text jokes, cartoons etc. b) delicate transparent lace with no pushup. c) vintage – oh yeah, baby. needs no more words d) all other lingerie – the world of it is endless…


By Patrick Van den Branden, 2016

3. Socks and tights – its simple – tights on a naked body are goddamn sexy and feeling of new fresh funny socks are goddamn cozy


By Damian Borkowski, 2016

4.Tea. I drink a lot of tea. So I always need new tea:D (I love earl grey, green tea, white tea and all fruity-flowery blends of green or white tea,  jasmine tea, herbal tea, sometimes mint tea or mate. I am not a big fan of rooibos, carcade and any other red-colored tea, puer. I don’t like ginger tea, Indian sweety-spicy teas)


By Aleksandra Salamon, 2017

5. Notebooks and art books (human photography, modern art, illustration, architecture  etc)

By Albert Finch, 2015

6. Unusual shoes. Probably the most expensive love of mine. I don’t have that many as I would like to.

_G6A3428 - Kopie-Exposure

By Black W Photography

7. Glasses – that is kinda new addiction, cause when I had to wear glasses for medical purposes, I hated that so much! And now somehow it happened that I have… 4 pairs in my suitcase. I am gorgeous in glasses.


By Pa-Pen, 2017

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