Big adventure. First time in Australia. First analogue photos taken by me.

I thought it is almost impossible. But I did it. I will not tell you how long I was dreaming and waiting for a travel to Australia. But I will show you some pictures!

All pictures are done thanks to inspiration, consultation and equipment of Papenexperiment, Albert Finch and Robert Gorka. The travel itself is done thanks to support of Stuart Kortekaas.

1. Flight Warsaw-Dubai-Sydney is 23 hrs. And the next day when I woke up in a hostel… it was the world of skyscrapers around.

2. My plan was to not believe in jetlag. I wanted to arrive, sleep my first Australian night and then keep living in the time zone that I have around me. But unfortunately, the jetlag exists. As well as the flu after long travel in a plane – all models I met in Australia, and me too – we all got sick for a week or so. In my case, it was definitely quite tuff. If you have running nose and you are not sure if it is an allergy or not… Enjoy local expensive pharmacies;)

3. Sydney was my first city and in total I spend there more days than in other places. It has wonderful Chinatown, with all those weird foods, cosmetics, cheap souveniers etc. I was happy there. Also not too far from Sydney there is a Parramatta area – the little India. Also worth visiting if you have no possibility to see the real India in the nearest future, but you like the food:D


5. I was there just once actually. The famous Opera house. In my imagination, it was much bigger:p

But the botanical garden nearby is amazing. It was on my first day in Sydney and I was shocked how overpolite and over-communicative are people in Australia. Later I got used to it, but I still feel like a grumpy east-European barbarian, cause I have no talent to small talks and even asking “how are you” to people I meet in shops and museums it was too big effort and stress. I never dared to do so, even if I knew that it is polite.

6. Melbourne. I felt the best there. I had just 1,5 days there, which means almost nothing, but next time I am going to spend there at least a week or two.

7. Random pictures of nature. It is wonderful in Australia. The ocean is warm, even for posing in the water at 6 in the morning. Stars – did you know they have there much more stars than we can see in Europe? I was smashed by the view, even if I thought I am an adult and I dont really mind cause I have seen some stars before. There is the differens. Stars of my childhood doesnt count anymore:D

8. Another point to Australia goes because of the fresh air. Even when you are in a center of some big city, it smells so great… for me, it was the smell of my childhood that I’ve spent in a small city where the air also smells very… poetic:)

9. More nature

10. And more. This is the place where I first time spotted wild kangaroos.

11. And then I also touched some of them in the zoo. They are so cute. (and unsharp – sorry I am not the best animal photographer)







18. Brisbane. When I arrived there, to the cheap hostel in a district with crazy name Woolloongabba (have you ever seen a word with so many double letters?) my first thought was – omg I am so far away from the civilization… I was looking at the opposite side of the river and thinking “in just 5 days I will be there, it’s gonna be awesome” But actually I felt the whole Brisbane as (sorry) very calm and kind of provincial town. Even if it is pretty big and it has free ferries to travel down the river (that is cool). They also have great jogging and rock climbing area and great University campus. But it is not a crazy megapolis:P


20. The ferry. I really enjoyed it and did probably 3 or 4 rides without any special purpose, just to enjoy the boat travel.



23. My last location in Brisbane – view from the apartment to the Police Department:D I know how to choose the good location!

Probably I had opportunities to die in Australia million times: sharks, poisoned spiders and snakes (who loves jogging in the forest?;), staying overnight with strangers, walking in the city at 3-4-5 in the morning with all the maniacs and weirdoes in the shady bushes, posing on sandy rocks that collapse from time to time, walking with right-side brain on left-side streets, new unknown bugs that can cause a new allergy,, feeling of extremely lonely when most of your friends are in Europe and they sleep when you are awake… But the adventure is done and I am still fine:D

I want to say thank you to all those wonderful people I met in Australia, I hope we will see each other again! And to all those who supported me from Europe when I felt bored or lonely!

Hugs and kisses!

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