“Postcard” pictures from Malta

Well, it is hard for me to be a travel blogger. It is very easy to travel but very difficult to write about it:D I would rather become a photographer – at least I am pretty happy about those pictures I took a week ago in Malta. Here you can find a few photos of me and lots of photos of moody streets of Siema and Popeye village.

This was my first time there – and I have to say Malta is pretty cool – like South of France but slightly cheaper:) What I find funny, before March I had never been in a country with left hand driving, and now Malta is my nr 3 in this list:) Spring 2018 – time to visit LHT countries:D

Malta in spring is lovely – it is not too hot, it smells with the sea and blooming jasmine trees, it is not crowded with tourists. The colors of Maltese streets are mostly pale, but windows and doors could be of any color – very insta-tasty;)

And here we go…



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